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Datsun Sports Owners Australia

There are many useful books available for owners of Datsun Roadsters. The following list is by no means exhaustive. It should also be noted that the books from Britain and Europe tend to contain quite a few inaccuracies on the subject of Roadsters.

Fair Lady - Japan's First Sports Car
Published by Banzai Productions. ISBN 0-646-040690-6

Car and Driver on Datsun Z, 1600 & 2000 (1966 - 1984)
1985, Ziff-Davis Publishing Co. ISBN 0-948207-51-5

Chilton's Repair and Tune-up Guide, Datsun 1961 to 1972
1972, Chilton Book Company, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.. ISBN 0-8019-5790-7

The Complete Datsun Guide
1980, by Michael F Hollander,
Tab Books ISBN 0-8306-2060-5

The Complete History of the Japanese Car
1986, ERVIN srl., Rome. ISBN 0-85835-997-9

Datsun, Automobiles from Japan
by Halwart Schrader and Peter J. Viererbl, 1976,
Schrader and Partner GmbH Munich, Germany

Datsun Roadster Parts Catalogue
1983, Rallye Enterprises Ltd

Datsun Sports Car Model SP(L) 310 Service Manual
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd

Datsun 311 1600/2000 Sports Car Shop Manual
ISBN 0-940740-08-7 (reprint)

The Datsun 240-Z: The origin of the species
1986, by Terry Greenfield
Automobile Quarterly Magazine Volume XXIV, Number 3.
CBS Magazines New Jersey, U.S.A.

Fairlady I
1988, Neko Publishing Co. Ltd, Japan. ISBN4-87366-005-X

Fairlady II
1987, Neko Publishing Co. Ltd, Japan. ISBN4-87366-007-6

Nissan/Datsun, a history of Nissan Motor Corporation in U.S.A., 1960-1980
1982, by John Rae
McGraw-Hill, Inc. ISBN 0-07-051112-8

Petersen's Complete Book of Datsun
1977, Petersen Publishing Co., California, U.S.A.. ISBN 0-8227-5007-4

The Reckoning
1986, by David Halberstam
publ., Bloomsbury Publishing Ltd, London, England

The Z-Series Datsuns
1982, by Ray Hutton
Ray Hutton & Motor Racing Publications Ltd, London, England ISBN 0-900549-6- 0

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