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Datsun Sports Owners Australia
Calendar of Events

For information on all events, please email: Club Captain

Events with a heading in red italics are not organised by the DSOA but are sanctioned runs. This will enable club plated cars to attend.

5th November 2017 El Presidente MB
Meet time: 9:30am
Start venue: Heathcote Maccas.
Contact: Michael Honer 0407 448-848
15th November 2017 DatChat Deadline
3rd December 2017 Annual Christmas Picnic
Meet time: 10:00am
Start venue: Lake Parramatta Reserve 28 Burke St., North Parramatta.
Contact: Steve Naudi 0402 311-777
Food & soft drink provided, please bring other refreshments.
RSVP: 26th November to help us organise the catering.
21st February 2018 Annual General Meeting
Meet time: 7:00pm
Start venue: Ryde-Eastwood Leagues Club
Hawkes Room
117 Ryedale Rd., West Ryde
Contact: Matt Wood 0418 263-295
Join us for dinner in the bistro prior to the meeting.

For information on all events, please email: Club Captain