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Datsun Sports Owners Australia
The Cars

Fair Lady 1500 SP(L)310

Designed by Hidehiro Iizuka and first displayed at the Eighth Tokyo Motor show on October 25th 1961. The 1488cc 4 cylinder motor developed 77 bhp with a top speed of 94mph. The car was released in Australia in mid 1963.

Datsun 1600 Coupe - Silvia

Designed by Albrecht Graf Von Goertz in 1963. The Silvia was first released at the 11th Tokyo Motor Show in September 1964 with a 1500 motor. The car went on sale with a 1595cc R16 motor on March 18th 1965. The car developed 96bhp and reached a top speed of 100mph. Forty nine cars were exported to Australia the first arriving in early 1966.

Datsun 1600 SP(L)311

The 1600 was manufactured from May 1965 and developed 96bhp from its 1595cc motor. It reached a top speed of 106mph

Datsun 2000 SR(L)311

The 2000 was manufactured from March 1967 it developed 150bhp from its 1982cc motor and reached a top speed of 127mph. the last was built in April 1970